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Iowa Orthop J 2017 Aug; 37:19-21
Fascia Iliaca Block for Reduction of Anterior Native Hip Dislocation: a Case Report.
West C, Ranganath Y, Willey M
Native hip dislocations require urgent reduction in a setting where adequate sedation and analgesia is essential. We have recently implemented the use of fascia iliaca blocks at our institution for preoperative pain management for patients with proximal femur fractures. In the setting of limited resources, alternate modalities for sedation and analgesia may need to be implemented to obtain a timely reduction for hip dislocations. We present a case report where of the use of a fascia iliaca block along with light sedation to obtain a successful, atraumatic reduction of an anterior dislocation of a native hip joint. While many hip dislocations may require a deeper level of sedation and muscle relaxation for successful reduction, the current report suggests that fascia iliaca blocks provide adequate analgesia for the procedure and may be helpful in the setting of limited resources.