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IEEE Trans Med Imaging 2017 Aug; 36(8):1722-1732
Frequency-Selective Computed Tomography: Applications During Periodic Thoracic Motion.
Herrmann J, Hoffman EA, Kaczka DW
We seek to use computed tomography (CT) to characterize regional lung parenchymal deformation during high-frequency and multi-frequency oscillatory ventilation. Periodic motion of thoracic structures results in artifacts of CT images obtained by standard reconstruction algorithms, especially for frequencies exceeding that of the X-ray source rotation. In this paper, we propose an acquisition and reconstruction technique for high-resolution imaging of the thorax during periodic motion. Our technique relies on phase-binning projections according to the frequency of subject motion relative to the scanner rotation, prior to volumetric reconstruction. The mathematical theory and limitations of the proposed technique are presented, and then validated in a simulated phantom as well as a living porcine subject during oscillatory ventilation. The 4-D image sequences obtained using this frequency-selective reconstruction technique yielded high-spatio-temporal resolution of the thorax during periodic motion. We conclude that the frequency-based selection of CT projections is ideal for characterizing dynamic deformations of thoracic structures that are ordinarily obscured by motion artifact using conventional reconstruction techniques.

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