Medical Student Training

The Department of Anesthesia introduces second-year medical students to anesthesia as a specialty; helps third-year students develop concepts and technical skills related to resuscitation, airway management, and care of the unconscious patient; and offers fourth-year students intensive study in the specialty.

Anesthesia Rotation

This introductory two week rotation in the Department of Anesthesia is for second, third or fourth year medical students, and will acquaint them with the perioperative management of patients.

Students will attend didactic lectures on Monday and Tuesday mornings at 6:30 am in the Cullen Conference Room, and Case Conferences on Wednesday afternoons from 5:00-6:00 PM. In addition they will receive a series of approximately nine lectures designed specifically for medical students which cover the basic facets of anesthetic management. The didactic material is supplemented with extensive clinical exposure where medical students will have a clinical OR assignment with resident or faculty physicians for a variety of cases. Clinical opportunities are generally provided in the Main Operating Room Suite of the UIHC; however, anesthesia care is also provided at other sites in the hospital including the Urology Department, ECT treatment room, and other satellite locations.

Students will undergo a computerized examination at the completion of their two weeks, but will also be evaluated clinically during the rotation by residents or faculty. The final grade is determined by performance on the computer examination and the clinical evaluations. Students must pass the computer examination to pass the course. This course serves as a prerequisite for Clinical Anesthesia ANES:8401 which is available to the senior medical students as well as the four-week rotation in the Surgical & Neurosciences Intensive Care Unit.

Please contact Lorri Barnes at 384-9273 for information regarding the departmental absence policy, including COC clinics, residency interviews, and UI holidays.

NOTE: The Department of Anesthesia offers an Externship program for students in their senior year. It is recommended that students interested in applying for this program take the ANES:8301 two week Anesthesia rotation during their second or third year. To be eligible for the Anesthesia Externship, a student must have completed the 2 week rotation prior to start of the externship in May. They should also plan to take the Clinical Anesthesia ANES:8401 four week rotation early in their fourth year.

The interim Clerkship Director is Dr. Sapna Ravindranath. Questions regarding scheduling and other aspects of the rotation may be directed to Lorri Barnes. Her phone number is 384-9273 and e-mail is

Four Week Senior Anesthesia Rotation

Advanced clinical experience in anesthesia management of surgical patients with co-existing medical problems; clinical experience in various forms of anesthesia; general, regional (spinal, epidural, peripheral nerve block) anesthesia; practical experience in airway management; mask ventilation, endotracheal intubation, LMA placement, other alternative airway techniques; medical management of surgical patient under anesthesia; pharmacology, cardiovascular and pulmonary physiology; case conferences.

SNICU Rotation

Evaluation, treatment of seriously ill patients in intensive care; ventilator management, evaluation of pulmonary function, monitoring of cardiovascular status, fluid balance and acid base problems, advance monitoring techniques.