RASCI - Special Statements

Commercial pork industry pigs are used. They are handled fully according to National, International and institutional humane laboratory animal care protocols. These protocols require the pigs be under general anesthesia during the workshop and then chemically euthenazed afterwards.

Other animal species for regional anesthesia teaching have been reviewed, and the anesthetized pig model is preferred because animal lover sensitivities are least offended, the pigs are readily available from commercial pork breeders, pigs are safe for the staff to handle, costs are relatively low, and this team also has 10 years experience with this model.

This entire course and all presenters are free of commercial conflicts of interest when speaking about regional anesthesia ultrasound machines and nerve blocking equipment and drugs. Any statements made disapproving or approving various drugs and devices are sincere, scientific, and honest.

Where any potential speaker conflicts of interest could exist, it will be pointed out as per University of Iowa guidelines. Delegates are encouraged to be open minded and make all their own opinions about all that is taught.

CERTIFICATES OF ATTENDANCE of this course in no way certify the competence of any attending delegate afterwards with respect to ultrasound guided regional anesthesia or other aspects of regional anesthesia. Only attendance of the course is certified. This also does not imply that complete attendance was verified by the course organizers.

Information presented is with best intention and the course organizers, sponsors and lecturers take no responsibility for any consequences of any delegate's actions, subsequent to the course. The course organizers, sponsors and lecturers do not take responsibility for any inadvertent wrong information given. When "USA off label" drug or device uses are recommendations are made it will be pointed out to delegates, when the lecturer is aware of this fact. All teachings are within international practice patterns, or are scientifically rational or are scientifically validated.