RASCI - Images

RASCI Photos of Ultrasound guided regional anesthesia workshops, faculty, and helpers.

Elbow Blocks Brachial plexus block - white lion
Pig - off axis off plane
approach to femoral nerve
Pig - off axis in plane
approach to sciatic nerve
Team RASCI helpers Team RASCI helpers



Please note:

Delegates are welcome to bring cameras and photograph any part of the course. Teachers will gladly pose with nerve blocks on request.

For a particular nerve block it is often handy to photograph the patient position, transducer position, needle insertion point and needle direction. Reviewing the photo later helps the delegate perform the same nerve block.

If any photos taken are used subsequently in printed and or slide lecture material, it is simply requested the models faces be de-identified.

Photographers are however to not be overzealous and intrude excessively into the flow of the course presentation, nor cause excessive inconvenience to fellow delegates.