Residents in the SNICU

Welcome to the UIHC Surgical Intensive Care Unit's portal subsection for residents. Here you will find basic information to help you with the day to day working of the Unit. This section can be used as a mini orientation at the beginning of your rotation.

We encourage you to refer to the Education guidelines section to orient your reading. A great deal can be learned during your rotation in the SICU by experience, personal motivation and association with effective teachers. Your involvement in patient care is integral to your learning experience. We urge your commitment and energy.

Please refer to the links about the day to day working in the individual bays of the SICU.

Timeline in the SICU

ICU call begins 0700
Fellow Lectures and Journal Clubs 1000 - 1100
Radiology Rounds (Dept of Radiology) 0815
Bedside Rounds in Individual Bays 0845 onwards
Noon Lecture series 1200
SICU "Check out" rounds 1430

Important Beeper Numbers

SICU Admitting Fellow / Resident 1461
SICU Charge nurse 7am to 7pm only 1327
Overall Charge nurse for all ICU's (O.D.) 3917