Our Chamber at the University of Iowa

We currently operate the only multiplace (capable of holding more than one patient at a time) chamber in the state of Iowa. This chamber was installed in 1995 and is capable of holding up to six patients plus one inside attendant. The chamber was custom ordered from Perry Baromedical and is 23 feet long, seven feet in diameter, and weighs approximately 24,000 pounds.

In addition to the main treatment area, this chamber is also equipped with a med lock and an entry chamber. The med lock is a small air lock through which medicines, drinks, blankets, equipment, etc. can be sent into the chamber when it is at depth. Similarly, the entry chamber is an air lock through which our attendants and physicians can get into and out of the chamber as needed during a treatment without having to de-pressurize the main treatment chamber.

Because its size and proximity to operating room and the surgical intensive care unit, and because the chamber is staffed with highly trained anesthesiologists and respiratory therapists, critically ill patients requiring multiple medicine infusions and mechanical ventilation are easily treated in this chamber.