Hyperbaric Medicine Service Faculty and Staff

The Hyperbaric Medicine Service is a division of the Department of Anesthesia at the University of Iowa.  Thus, all the physicians on this service are board-certified Anesthesiologists who have undergone additional training in Hyperbaric Medicine.  In addition, several of our physicians have gone on to become board-certified in Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine.  In addition to seeing patients during the initial consult, a physician is in constant attendance during a treatment to supervise the dive, asses the patients' progress, and to deal with any medical issues that may arise.

The non-physician staff of the Hyperbaric Medicine Service are all registered respiratory therapists who have had additional training in hyperbarics.  In fact, most of the therapists are Certified Hyperbaric Technologists.  These therapists perform multiple duties including operating the chamber, diving with patients, changing dressings and assisting with wound care, performing trancutaneous oxygen measurements, administering medicines, and teaching new patients.

Our Faculty

Merete Ibsen, MD, Medical Director

Jeanette Harrington, MD

Kokila Thenuwara, MD

Rashmi Mueller, MD

Unyime Ituk, MD

Our Respiratory Therapists

All the attendants in the Hyperbaric Medicine Service are Registered Respiratory Therapists (RTs).  Like our faculty physicians, our RTs have received specialized training in hyperbaric medicine and most are Certified Hyperbaric Technologists.  In addition to operating the chamber and attending to patients during the dive, our RTs are extensively involved in wound care and credentialed to administer medications.