Our Current Faculty

Anke Bellinger, M.D.
Adjunct Assistant Professor
  1. Elahi F, Reddy C, Bellinger A, Manolitsis N: Neuromodulation of the great auricular nerve: a case report. Neuromodulation 2014 Dec; 17(8):784-7

  2. Bellinger A, Siriwetchadarak R, Rosenquist R, Greenlee JD: Prevention of intrathecal baclofen withdrawal syndrome: successful use of a temporary intrathecal catheter. Reg Anesth Pain Med 2009 Nov; 34(6):600-2

  3. Karuparthy V, Kaneda K, Bellinger A, Han TH: Chewing gum: a potential cause of airway obstruction. J Anesth 2009 Feb; 23(1):168-9