Our Current Faculty

Paul A. Leonard, M.D., Ph.D.
Clinical Associate Professor
Undergraduate Education
  • Dartmouth College
Graduate Education
  • University of Iowa College of Medicine
Medical School
  • University of Iowa College of Medicine
  • Tucson Hospital and Education Program, Inc.
  • University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics
Research Interests
  • Use of Simulation in Performance Assessment
  • Role of Emotion in Training Clinical Cognition
  • Use of Simulation in Health Care Team Training
  • Teacher of the Year Award, Student Nurse Anesthetist Program, University of Iowa, Anesthesia, 2003
  • Teacher of the Year Award, Student Nurse Anesthetist Program, University of Iowa, Anesthesia, 2000
  • Tripos Award for outstanding contribution to the SYBYL Community, 1989
  • ASPET Travel Award, ASPET Meeting, 1988
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturer's Association Fellowship, 1986 to 1987
  • B.A. Chemistry [Cum Laude], Dartmouth College, 1983
  • The Chandler T. White 1916 Research Prize, Dartmouth College, 1982 to 1983
  • Third Honors Group, Dartmouth College, 1979 to 1980, 1981 to 1982, 1982 to 1983
  • Clinical Associate Professor, University of Iowa, Anesthesia, 2006 to present
  • Director, Simulation Center, University of Iowa, Anesthesia, 2006-2012
  • Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Iowa, Anesthesia, 1999-2006
  • Associate, University of Iowa, Anesthesia, 1995-1999
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