Our Current Faculty

Satoshi Hanada, M.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor
  1. Hanada S, Sakamoto H, Swerczek M, Ueda K: Initial experience with percutaneous coronary sinus catheter placement in minimally invasive cardiac surgery in an academic center. BMC Anesthesiol 2016 Jul; 16(1):33

  2. Campos JH, Hanada S: Master Techniques in Upper and Lower Airway Management LWW

  3. Calcaterra D, Collins TE, Turek JW, Parekh KR, Bashir M, Ueda K, Hanada S, Brown JA: Normothermic cardiopulmonary bypass with beating heart for management of renal cell carcinoma with atrial tumor thrombus. Innovations (Phila) 2013 Oct; 8(4):316-9